To get to Cava, follow the N-260 road until kilometer 216 (11 km east of La Seu d’Urgell), where the Arsèguel junction is located. You can arrive by the East, coming from the Cerdanya (Tunnel of the Cadí), or by the West, if you come from La Seu d’Urgell or Andorra.


Once you take the junction you must drive about 9 km in total, starting at the LV-4052 road, which leads to Arsèguel. Some 2.5 km after this town you must take a left turn signposted (taking to the right you would go to the town of Ansovell). After this crossing there are no other detours until you reach the village.

When you arrive at Cava you must leave the car in the town square (where the road ends) and walk 80 meters to the house. See map.


For those coming from Barcelona, the fastest – two hours of travel- and easiest option to get to Cava is the C-16 road, passing through the Cadi Tunnel (toll). The alternative to the toll is the C-14 road passing Ponts, Organyà and Adrall, where you take the N-260 towards La Seu d’Urgell.